You don’t know what the future holds.

But there’s a way to hold the future.

Helping single women with egg retrieval through
support, funding and guidance.

The Worry is Real.

The Worry is Real.

Every time your birthday rolls around, the worry intensifies.

As a single woman in shidduchim, your age stresses you out. In your mind, it symbolize a ticking clock.

You’re worried that your window of fertility is closing and those unrelenting thoughts are affecting your quality of life.

But that’s not fair.

Why should the here and now be destroyed by the maybe of later?

It shouldn't.

Project Tomorrow wants to change that.

Live better today by
securing the tomorrow.

Live better today by
securing the tomorrow.

Every year, thousands of women get pregnant by using their own eggs that have been frozen ahead of time. So no matter where you are in life and when you find your bashert, you can be calm.

Because you know that you’ve done your part to secure your fertility.

You’re not alone.
You're not helpless.
You’re not lost.

We’re just here to hold your hand while you go through with this.

Every question you
have is valid.

Every question you
have is valid.

And will be answered by Daas Torah.

Project Tomorrow is under the guidance and
approval of R’ Elya Brudny

“Shidduchim was stressful enough. I was turning 31 and had yet to find my bashert. A good friend connected me to Project Tomorrow. They explained the egg retrieval process to me with patience and kindness. And boy did I test their patience. To me, this was scary and new and I wanted to know everything before I went through with it. The grant was the cherry on top. It made me feel cared about and cared for no matter my bank account.

Why am I telling you all this today?

My message to you is:
There is no shame in being proactive. And Project Tomorrow makes it all so easy and normal. Don’t hesitate. You can’t lose anything by protecting your fertility.

–Waiting in Peace

It’s minimally invasive.
With maximum support.


It’s personal. And we understand the importance of your confidentiality.


We have the knowledge. And we’ll share it with you along the entire process.


It’s not easy. We understand that and you will feel loved and cared for throughout.


You want a line of communication. We’ll provide it, no matter the time of day or night.

Your reality for the future

may depend on your choices of the present.